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Big agency results that fit a small business budget.

Quick Facts

Project work or long-term contracts:

EXPERIENCE: Longest - 23 years, combined - 54 years (core team), all network - 118 years

B2B or B2C?

WHO we work with: small to medium-sized companies, startups

Creative, strategy or research?
YES (can't have one without the others)

WHERE: Located in Victoria, BC, Canada; domestic and international clients (Canada, US, UK)

Eric Embacher - Owner

We are a team of freelancers that together provide a range of digital marketing expertise. Whether you require help for specific projects like a video or website or require a full team to outsource your company’s marketing to on a full-time, part-time, temporary or semi-permanent basis, we can help.

The team is led by Eric Embacher, with over 23 years experience in marketing, communications, product and brand management. He is the co-founder and former president of Symbility (a TSX-listed multinational software company). In 2015 he left the corporate world (for good!) to start AINOM.

Our overhead is low—we have no fancy office, therefore no rent or monthly expenses because our team is distributed geographically, working out of home offices. We utilize technology to work together efficiently as if we were in the same office.

You can talk to us. We have experience at the C-level of large companies, but we've also been involved in various startups in the past 30 years. We’re pretty down-to-earth and easy to talk to. We listen, and we like to get to the point, focusing on your goals and understanding any barriers in the way.

We like to focus on VALUE. We'll determine your company's or your product's unique value to your target market. We'll then develop the right strategy to ensure your story is delivered and understood. We're experts at distilling complex concepts down to their simplest form for maximum impact.

Here's our process

Understand, empathize

No matter the project, we first learn as much as we can of your goals, the barriers in the way and what success means to you. We'll learn your target market, your competitors and your industry. Our favourite method of doing this is what we call the immersion approach.

Devise the strategy

Next we'll establish goals, benchmarks and expectations. More importantly, we'll develop a detailed plan of how we're going to achieve those goals and how we'll measure our progress. We're only successful if you're successful.

Create and execute

Our goal is to create content and campaigns that doesn’t feel like marketing. The biggest barrier to selling isn’t reaching an audience—it’s earning their attention, trust, and a click. And we what we do is unique to you—not from a template.

The immersion approach

This concept is simply that we submerse ourselves in your environment, learning through osmosis. We observe your day-to-day operations, meet your customers, have a beer with your staff. It's absolutely the best way to understand your brand, your business, your goals and your challenges completely.


Product Marketing: designing and holistic management of product marketing programs.

Leads: B2B lead generation, management, analytics and reporting.

Messaging: Development product positioning and messaging that differentiates products in the market. Distilling complex concepts and ideas into simple messaging.

Strategic consulting: helping you identify cost-effective methods for accomplishing your revenue goals.

User experience design: we can design a website or mobile app architecture that aligns perfectly with your customers' goals.

Sales enablement: developing and communicating the value proposition of the products to the sales team and developing the sales tools that support the selling process of products.

Market intelligence:
researching, documenting and becoming expert on buyers— how/why they buy and their buying criteria / triggers—and competitors—uncover their strategies and how to crush them.

SEO consulting: reviewing your current online properties, identifying opportunities for improvement building a plan with recommendations on enhancing search performance.

Demand generation: developing the strategy and managing the marketing programs that drive demand for your products.

Collateral design and development: All facets of printed sales support materials, including posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and so on. Physical materials are still an important part of a holistic marketing campaign for many businesses.

Content Marketing: we can help you develop and implement a content marketing plan to put your brand in front of your customer.

Custom mobile app development: more and more, apps are becoming a fantastic marketing tool. We've been designing mobile apps since before there were iPhones.

Let's make you even more successful.