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    Some of our most recent experience involves product and corporate marketing for 3 innovative companies that create products for hydrology, meteorologiy and hydrometeorology applications. For products including sensors, data loggers, software, telemetry and autonomous power systems, we have handled all aspects of marketing.

    Below are some examples of work we've done.

    FTS (Forest Technology Systems) 2009 - 2015


    The goals for FTS's new website included appearing larger than the industry perceived them to be, capturing significantly more sales leads, positioning the company as worldwide leaders in fire weather monitoring, and reinforcing the new brand we developed that emphasized how simple to use their products are.

    • responsive (mobile friendly)
    • interactive product finder
    • interactive custom system configurator
    • custom-built visual navigation system
    • interactive 360-degree product inspectors
    • filterable video gallery

    • FTS tradeshows
    • FTS tradeshows

    Tradeshow displays

    We designed the FTS tradeshow display to reinforce the company's branding of simplicity and ruggedness. This contrasted with most competitors at the time who tended to have complex displays and promoted many technical features.


    Before beginning work with the company, FTS was largely unknown outside the North American fire weather market segment. As part of an aggressive 5-year growth strategy, they required brad awareness in the rest of the world and in the hydrology market segment, both key areas for growth.

    Our goal was to modernize the brand and emphasize the company's core competencies—extremely environmentally hardened equipment that was exceptionally easy to use.


    We took over responsibility for all collateral, which was one of the sales team's most powerful tool. Every existing piece of collateral was redesigned, and several new

    Promotional Events

    As part of a new product launch, we designed a social event to coincide with the industry's most important tradeshow, inviting all members of a highly influential organization to attend an evening of drinks and magic, while also being introduced to the benefits of the product.

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